this is crazy!

We’ve been doing this all our lives, but never paused and mulled over!

Look at these lingos of our typical education, employment, and organizations:

“Masters in Business Administration”

“Assistant Manager”


“Senior Manager”

“General Manager”

“Client Relationship Manager”

“Project Manager”

“Account Manager”

“Time management”

“Stress Management”

“People Management”

“Financial______________” (you can fill in the blanks) !!!

Even before you entered the “corporate system” to this day, you have been bombarded with these lingos of “manager” or “management”. 

You were at best certified to “administer” the business but never to “lead the business”! 

So here is my first question:

Question 1: But, why?

If you search the word “leadership jobs” in job sites you will get let’s say X number of jobs. The closest will be “Team Leader” jobs! 

But, if you search the word “manager jobs” you will end up getting 5X the number of jobs!

Once again the “employment system” itself feeds your mind that you are supposed to get hired if you have “management skills”! 

Here is my second question:

Question 2: When was the last time you heard the word “leader” in designations?

Perhaps the closest you heard was “Team Leader”!

When you outgrow your current roles, you are supposed to manage people, projects, and clients and when you keep outgrowing those positions you will be called “head” of this or “head” of that.

The so-called “head” of this or “head” of that end up getting the heavy head of “ego” of their liberty to use power, and position. 

The gray hair on their “head” speaks for themselves only and not for their true experience of leading people. Once again, at best they managed people, clients, and this and that!

Here is my third question:

Question 3: Is heading something equals leading something?

Since the so called “CEOs” realize that this is a problem, the best they do is a workshop on ‘Leadership Development’.

I know that since I was deeply associated in designing such programs for a massive of number of global employees in my previous job role as a L&D Professional.

But, there is my next question:

Question 4: How am I supposed to get impacted with that training when I’ve spent my whole life only “managing” things; climbing up only the ladders of “management roles”?

So, what’s my point?

If you’ve been living in the dream world that you are a “natural leader” then here is a truth bomb:

You’ve too long been a part of these broken education, employment and corporate systems to get that quality naturally inside you! 

In reality you must make a personal effort to attain that because:

“We’ve been so busy being managers that we’ve missed to become leaders!!”

So, let me ask you this: 

Question 5: Are you ready to make that personal effort?

If yes, then click the button below and simply stay active in my exclusive communities.

You will know the rest of the process to become an outstanding leader that the organizations need so much badly now more than ever

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Best Wishes always.

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