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While my deep tactical courses on Mindfulness Leadership System (MLS), Mindfulness Leadership Challenge (MLC) and Mindfulness Leadership Mastery (MLM) are paid but I want to get value content even when you are NOT a paid member in my Peace and Pace Career Academy for Professionals (PPCA).

I have put together a bunch of videos, podcasts and articles from my archives to help you begin your leadership journey with a calm, composed and wise way. If you are serious about your mid-career growth then challenge yourself to complete these quality microlearning contents as per the ideal period given.

I know you must browsing through a lot of YouTube videos, Articles and Podcasts for your self-development however, it’s important that we systematically approach the learning for it increases your capacity to process information in a systematic manner.

There are 3 parts to this free microlearning on leadership, basic level (7 days), intermediate level (14 days) and advanced level (21 days). Each part has 3 sections to it, Mindset, Toolset and Skillset required to advance your career. Make sure you indulge in them and comment your top takeaways below each video after you watch it; it will increase your retention capacity and you will most likely remember most of the techniques.

I hope you deserve to learn at least this much without paying.

I wish you the best in your mid-career growth.

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Srimaya Mahapatra | Mindfulness Coach | Founder Peace & Pace Career Academy for Professionals


Leadership Mindset

  1. The beginning point of your Leadership Journey
  2. Why setting a Vision is so important?
  3. Creating an Unshakeable Vision
  4. The Cyclone Analogy for Dealing with Problems in Life
  5. The rainbow Analogy for Peace of Mind
  6. How honesty plays a role as a Leader?

Leadership Toolset

  1. Daily Morning Affirmations to attract a calm mind (Record the sentences in your cell phone and listen to yourself each morning soon after waking up)
  2. Reduce your restlessness within 6 minutes of applying this Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Reduce Anxiety applying the 5Ms
  4. Tools To Stay calm under pressure
  5. Quick Steps to Deal with Fear
  6. Infinite Strength of a Calm Mind & Tools to get that
  7. Seven Essential Parts of Writing your Goals

Leadership Skillset

  1. Crash course on Productivity
  2. Becoming highly Productive at Workplace
  3. Avoid This to Speak Effectively
  4. Fastest Way to Improve Fluency
  5. Get Rid of the Fear of Speaking
  6. Influence People with Polite Speaking


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