Courses, Community & Counselling

This is my top selling Leadership Development & Mid-Career Growth model where I provide 3-Tier membership level access to my super effective mindfulness leadership system, challenge and mastery level self-paced online courses, community and counselling. It’s designed for a minimum 123 days full stack model where you can choose to join in me in level one at a very pocket friendly price, go through the programs and decide to upgrade to my level 2 and 3 membership. In any case you will get life long access to my exclusive courses, community, group counselling.

Key Note Speaker

Mindfulness sweeps across all aspects of life, whether it’s improving productivity or getting more customer leads for your business. If you are a corporate / organization / university with at least 50 employees / teachers / audience size, I will be glad to handle your keynote speaking to help you induce the right kind of energy, positive vibes and inspiration to let them align with your vision. Click the button below to find out more about my reasonable hourly fee and help me understand your motive, connect with me here. Please note that key not speaking is different from training. Browse below if you have a training / coaching request.

Group Coaching / Training / Workshop

From team building, to public speaking, I deal with a variety of topics related to essential mindset, skillset and toolset for future leaders, influencers using mindfulness techniques. If you have a specific training requirements online or offline, one day sessions or workshops for few days, we can take care of it together. As long as you have people in the age group of 25-45 and mandate of 50+ we can connect to discuss the TNI, TNA and most importantly the TNE (Training Need Identification, Analysis and Effectiveness).

Exclusive Mentoring

If you are an individual employee / entrepreneur / trainer / leader in the age group of 25 – 45 who wants to fast forward his / her career in an exponential way without feeling burnt out, then this exclusive 6 months of counselling is for you. This is where you will get one-on-one exclusive time with me each week with premium and personalized leadership consulting for you so that you grow in personal and professional life much faster than others. Please note that the sessions are executable only ONLINE. Click on the button to have your first interaction with me where we can decide about further program and fees.

Collaboration & Alliances

I believe we are at the best times of this digital world where it’s wise to collaborate and create instead of getting busy competing and comparing. If you are a Coach / Trainer / Mentor / Podcaster / YouTuber and have completed at least three years of this noble educational entrepreneurship / freelancing, I will be glad to shake hands with you to brainstorm how we can exponentially grow together!

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