Testimonial - ChinmayaTestimonial - DebabrattaTestimonial - DharaniTestimonial - GauravTestimonial - KavitaTestimonial - ReemahTestimonial - Siddarth“I have personally got several opportunities to receive an informal training from Srimaya. He has got a good command over English and best part is he always interrupted me whenever I made mistake during one to one conversation, though he asked me beforehand whether it is okay to Interrupt. 🙂
One the best learning from Srimaya is how effectively you can conveying an “IDEA” to a novice person!”

-Pankaj, IT Professional, Featured in Google Review

Testimonial - Sweety


“Trained over a thousand employees, across India – from strategic, leadership, middle-management and operations side of the business, of India’s biggest IT giant – spanned over 14 years.
– Highly acquainted with identifying behavioural and personality gaps to raise you to the highest degree of personality standards laid in the face of globalisation by the multi-nationals.
– Identify pe

rsonality, thought process and attitude roadblocks to create a smooth runway for a successful career.

– Applying amalgamated principles of modern re-engineering techniques, concepts and ideologies to int

roduce you to the best-in-class personality and behavioural architecture.

– Trigger, assess and scrub existing constraints by performing qualitative personality evaluation for you

 to push the boundaries to deliver the maximum of your ability.

– From a benefit realisation and value capture standpoint, see yourself evolve as the program advances.
– Mr.Srimaya Mahapatra is an institution of knowledge, blessed with supreme command over Industry English (written,oral and while elucidating philosophies) alongside rich expertise in articulation.
– The Persona Grata is a stupendous platform for the aspirants to rise and witness a new You!

Many congratulations to you, Sir!”

-Jay, IT Consultant, Featured in Google Review

“The best place to sharpen your communication skills.”

Arnab, IT Developer, Featured in Google Review